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Do you include hardware and floor protection?

This answer will depend on the product. 

Hairpin Legs: We do include 1-1/4" #10 panhead wood screws as well as black rubber floor protecters that clip to the bottom of the leg. The screws are intended for wood tops that are 2" thick. We realize that we won't get it right for every project, but are not able to offer other sizes at this time. 

Flat Bar: We do not include hardware or floor protection. Adhesive felt is recommended to place on the bottom to protect hard flooring. Powder coated legs safe for use directly on carpet.

TubeSteel: Theaded leveling feet are included. These are not accounted for in the height that you select. They can be adjusted to to 1-1/4" making them perfect for projects at odd or specific heights. No mounting hardware included.

Flat Bar and Hairpin Shelves: No hardware included. 

Need help with screw selection? Please see our articles on mounting holes sizes for each parent product.