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What size legs should I order?

What size legs should I get for my table, bench, desk, etc.?

First, we recommend determining the overall height you will want for piece you are making. Next subtract the thickness of the top you plan to use from the total height of your piece. The remainder will be the height of the legs you will want to order.

Tables and desks are usually between 28" and 30" and normally made with 26"-28" legs. 

Coffee tables generally range from 12" -20" with the normal goal being to have the coffee table height match the cushions of the sofa or chair height. 

Side tables range from 18"-24" with the goal of making them fit the chair or sofa they will go next to. 

Foyer and Sofa tables range from 28"-36" in height.  

A set of four 6"- 8" legs can be used on furniture like couches and tall legs are great for stools to hold grown adults.