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What size legs should I get for my table, bench, desk, etc.?

First, we recommend determining the total height of the desk, dining table, coffee table, side table, workbench, credenza, or other furniture piece that you are making or retrofitting. Next subtract the thickness of the top you are mounting from the

Are your hairpin legs good quality?

We sure think so and think you will too. Hairpin legs made from our American milled, cold-rolled, and recycled steel are built to last.

You really offer a Lifetime Guarantee?

We sure do! Now, here's the thing, if you are caught taking pictures of running over your legs with a tank (like this one), and intentionally trying to destroy them, it's hard for us to honor that.  But yeah, for pretty much anything that's not inten

Do you really only do one thing - make hairpin legs?

That's it... well, that's all it used to be, but customers kept asking us to make some more metal goods, so we obliged. That said, we started doing projects for ourselves and decided that we wanted to share great quality hairpin legs for makers, coup

How do you measure the height of your hairpin legs?

Our hairpin legs are all angled from the weld point to the "pointy end of the baseplate" that attaches to furniture/wood slab, etc. There is no outward "splay" for the bottom of the leg. Meaning you can mount your leg right up to the corner of a tabl

Wait, what about rust?

With raw steel, surface rust is always a possibility. For our hairpin legs we use cold-rolled, American milled, recycled steel. We ship our raw products with a rust-resistant coating to keep them looking good for you in transit. Once you receive the

What are your hairpin leg mounting plate dimensions?

We use L-shaped base plates for our legs. Each has 4 holes drilled to use for attachments. Full details on the brackets are in the image below:

What about screw sizes?

We ship a set of screws with each of our hairpin legs to get you started. They are ##8-11 x 1-1/4" Phillips Pan Head Coarse Thread Black Phosphate/Wax Screws. These won't work for every application, but they'll get you started.

Are your legs sold as sets or singles?

Most of our hairpin legs are sold either in sets of 3 or are sold individually as we have many customers that order different sizes for their projects. The easiest way to tell the difference is by looking at the photo and above the price there should

What would you suggest for seating arrangement?

We recommend a minimum of 12" from the end of the table for end seating legroom. Then, for the sides of the table, the goal is to give each person around 24" for each seating area. For the width of the table, the rule of thumb is that you want the fo